About Lilz

The Lilz are the creation of artist Joel Adams. Joel Adams, the son of famed comic book artist Neal Adams, has had his own illustrative career in the worlds of licensing and animation, working on projects from Harry Potter to Power Rangers, to King of the Hill. It was while finishing up work on one of these projects that his sister Zeea had approached him with a potential project. Zeea had been doing some work for King Features on Betty Boop, and had heard around that there was talk of updating Betty for the new millennium. A few years previous Joel had done some Boop drawings for fun where he did not really stick to the character guide, but it was still Betty and still cute. Joel decided to give it a shot.

His first inclinations like in his previous images was to just improve the body giving it a slightly more realistic/comic book look. Betty's head is really what her trademark is.. her look...

Soon though with the arrogance of the artist, he began playing with the facial feature, again drawing inspiration from comic books but keeping very large heads and eyes, very soon she had a new body, new modern clothing and a new face... but she wasn't Betty Boop any more.. But she was really cute.. and when people had seen what Joel had been doing, they had encouraged him to keep doing it..

From there it kinda took on a life of its own... Joel after working for other licenses had desired a license of his own and these big eye'd girls became the Lilz. In the time that Joel has been doing Lilz, other toy companies had begun releasing other brands of big headed dolls with brand names ending in 'z', and with toy company money  behind them, they showed up everywhere. Joel didnt really see this as a threat because his Lilz were in his opinion better designed and were never geared at small children... The Lilz audience has and continues to be women from about high school to senior citizens. To top it off.. Men seem to enjoy Lilz as well.

So today, because of the perceived market, the Lilz have been comicbook heroines, party girls, devils, angels, goth, steampunk and fetish girls. Recently Pirates, Mermaids and Faeries. The Lilz have now adorned everything from tshirts to coffee mugs. They had a false start with figures, but it seems like it may come around again.

Lilz has grown with every year since its inception... Joel feels that Lilz may have had a slow start not having corporate money behind him, but feels that slow and steady wins the race.