Notice to Signature Tag, Webset, and Dollz Makers

As of January 1 2005, I have made the decision to rescind any and all personal permissions to PSP hobbyists to use my work for their projects.

Though 2004 was a tremendous year for making others aware of the rights of artists, and so many should be thanked for being a part of educating others on artists rights.

It is still an uphill battle. Still so many hide behind private AOL lists, and members only groups that condemn and evict those who are just trying to do what they see as right. This last year has also brought my attention to people who would sell their PSP services to others, using my work. Still others have been found on E-bay and at fairs having manufactured my work on to T-shirts and pins, and just about anything your home printer can produce.

It has grown to be an exhausting and expensive battle to protect what is mine, and I do not have Disney's resources to throw at things when they arise.

Earlier in 2004, Anthony Guerra a fellow artist and fighter in the battle to protect the rights of artists online, had brought to my attention a company would take our images and offer them to hobbyists with a license for pay. (Since then many companies have appeared doing this same thing.)

I then discussed it with some friends I had in the PSP community. They were very supportive of this idea. They thought that some might decide to no longer use my work, even some who have been supportive of me in the past, but in the end I should do what ever I feel best protects my work.

I discussed it with my attorney, who thought it was a great idea for this reason. Legally my battle with most of the misuse of my work has been a moral one. At least in the eyes of the law. So when I ran into "outlaw" tubers and taggers, all I could really do was stamp my feet and pitch a fit. By licensing, my work, and "outlaw" tuber or tagger would be infringing on my ability to make a living from my work. "How can I sell my goods if someone is giving them away". Thus making it a legal and punishable crime to abuse my work.

The last straw was exhaustion.. Protecting my work has become so time consuming, I think that added up I was spending a whole day and a half per week, dealing with issues and responding to requests. This is not what I want to do. I want to draw... And I want to make a living from those drawings. And I want people who enjoy my work to be happy.

Several companies later... I have joined with "Creative Design Outlet" to distribute my work to the PSP community. is a place where people can affordably purchase a license to use my work, and only the work I wish to allow. They will handle the licenses and the protection of those licenses, leaving me to create more art, and get on with my career.

Please do not let the term licensing spook you. CDO has kept the prices very affordable for hobbyists. (Much more affordable then I would have). Please look into them.

Joel Adams